The Company

Maxima Consulting LLC, a research, training, and consulting company, was founded and established by Ms. Khishigsuren Yadamsuren and Ms. Enkhjargal Zagasbaldan in February 2005. At the time of its establishment the company was mainly focusing on corporate trainings, and then broadened its activities into socio-economic and political survey, subsequently into marketing survey and consulting at national and regional level.

Research and consulting: Maxima Consulting LLC is one of the few professional and dedicated companies in research and consulting business in Mongolia. Since its start, Maxima and Maxima Consulting have completed the work in more than 50 contracts on socio- economic, socio-anthropological and political research, surveys and consulting.

Media monitoring: Our company is the first Mongolian company that has introduced internationally recognized media research and monitoring technologies in its activities. We carry out daily press monitoring as well. In monitoring field we partner with TNS Gallup, Kantar Media Group, which are world-leading and internationally recognized companies in media research, monitoring, and TAM (Television Audience Measurement). In order to extend and upgrade our media monitoring, we have started “People Meter” project  which will be jointly implemented with TNS and Kantar Media. In the near future, we will introduce new marketing research technologies with the support from Kantar Media and TNS Gallup Media Group.

Maxima Consulting is continuously developing and growing as we always share the latest technological, methodological and professional advancements and know-how with the specialists from world known institutes such as Cambridge University, MIT, Pittsburg University, and other professional institutes in US, UK and Russia.