Maxima | About Us
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About us

Since establishment in 2005, “Maxima Consulting” LLC has reached professional research organization status in the fields of public opinion survey, media intelligence and television audience measurement.

Our company is the first Mongolian company that has introduced internationally recognized media research and monitoring technologies in its activities.We have done over 150 researches, nationwide or region wide, so far. Also, due to our development of media intelligence service, we have collected media database ever since 2007. Our subsidiary, “Maxima Media” LLC has partnered with Kantar Media, based in UK, on TV audience measurement and we’ve initiated and launched this service on November, 2012 in Mongolia.

With staff count over 60, we are fully capable of filling all your information and insight needs based on our technical and workforce capacity, experience and professionalism. Maxima Consulting is continuously developing and growing as we always share the latest technological, methodological and professional advancements and know-how with the specialists from world known institutes such as Cambridge University, MIT, Pittsburg University, and other professional institutes in US, UK and Russia.

Our principle


It’s more important that survey result to be true than to be pleasing for the client.


We always seek to apply latest research technology and methodology in our research.


Survey and research process, based on full understanding with the customer, is fully open to customers. Also, we strictly follow the business ethics, including confidentiality.

Our team

   Data collecting and processing team

Our data collecting and processing team, headed by experienced managers who have organized countless surveys, can assemble and organize up to 150 interviewers simultaneously, depending on the scope of the survey. Over 50 of them are our full time employees.

Furthermore, we have statisticians and managers who look after data processing and quality control as well as over 30 data operators. Our data operators, who are full-time employees of Television Audience Measurement and Media Intelligence teams, are highly skilled in data recording. So far, our company is the only research company with such capacity.

We have worked on the data transcription of research project, 20th century oral history of Mongolia, by Cambridge, for four years.

  Expert team

Our expert team is in charge of developing survey design, analyzing and reporting. There are several full-time experts with expertise in diversified fields as well as over 10 years experience in sociological research. In addition, depending on the nature of research, we include academics and researchers from other institutions, such as universities. So far, we have cooperated with researchers and consultants from Cambridge University, MIT, University of Columbia, University of Pittsburg, Lomonosov University of Moscow and etc.

Technical capacity

  • Our office is specially designed for our operation, including specially equipped room for focus group survey, data processing and archiving station.
  • We have media archive since 2007, covering all the TV channels, print and online media.
  • We also have specifically developed software for data processing and archiving by ourselves. Research software such as SPSS, Vortex are all applied.
  • CATI studio for express survey.