The Peoplemeter Measurement technology used in our survey has many advantages compared to previous methods.  This method has proved itself as the most advanced audience measurement system.  Therefore, Peoplemeter devices have been installed on every TV set in the representative sample panel households of Ulaanbaatar in order to continuously monitor the viewing.

Based on action, not memory

The Diary Method is based on a memory of a viewer and considers viewers physically recording TV programs they watched and answering simple questions as “Have you watched ..?” or “Do you watch …?”  But it does not take into consideration such human factors as an ability to remember and record the viewed information, particular conditions at the time of the recording, an impact of a particular program on a viewer, etc.

The Peoplemeter method we used is not based on a viewer’s memory, but on the automatic record of all uses of every television set in the household. Peoplemeter device captures what program is being watched, who is watching and when, and thus, eliminates the above-mentioned disadvantages and provides us with objective and precise information on the audience behavior.

Real-time, not just regular

The main disadvantage of the Diary Method is that the measurement is made in a particular time period that generates inaccurate information.  The increasing number of TV channels and advertising campaigns on these channels and a more complex TV environment demand a more precise and accurate measurement system that could record information continuously on a second-by-second basis.

Our TAM fully meets the requirements of the modern TV industry, is capable to measure audiences with a degree of accuracy and detail that surpasses previous measurement systems.

Minimized the human factor

The great influence of the human factor on the final result is the main reason to distrust the previous method. This method considers 100% of human involvement in each stage of the data cycle whether it is recording, processing or reporting, thus causing the human factor to influence the results.

Our TAM-Peoplemeter system eliminates any influence of any external factors in any stage of the data cycle, because it automatically provides data processing and recording (Comtel station), and data integration, validation and analysis (Infosys+). The TAM system gives us an assurance that objective and accurate data is collected and analyzed.

Recognized, global standard

Infosys+, client-based software which gives access to comprehensive TAM data, is now used in 30+ countries around the world.