Media Intelligence

One of the main fields of our operations is Media intelligence service. We provide express content monitoring service, as well as media analysis.

We’ve been constantly developing our media intelligence service since 2007 and we provide our service to local, foreign invested companies as well as government bodies. Quality of our media intelligence service has met international standard and we have working process of 24/7 with over 30 expert analysts.

Also, we applied on latest technological solution based on international database creating standard and demand of our customers. Monitoring methodology development was based on the experience and know-how of USA, UK and Belgium and adjusted for Mongolian environment. As mentioned above, information is recorded by over 80 criteria, such as date, channel, time, duration, source, abstract, subject, event, evaluation, comment and etc, then added to database.

So when customer is in need, daily, weekly or monthly reports can be released quickly. We send report in PDF format.

If our customer requests original source of the information too can be reported. We create CD/DVD or share it online by certain interval or when customer demands.

Our content monitoring covers the following channels.

    • 720 hours of air-time daily from 55 channels (nationwide and citywide channels).
    • 15 daily, 10 weekly newspapers.
    • Top 25 news websites.
    • Total 7 weekly and monthly magazines.