Research team

Expert and analyst team: This team defines research methodology and manages the process. 4-5 experts with over 10 years of experience work full time in our company. Depending on the nature of the research, each task force consists of different experts with relative experience. Part-time experts are professors from university or independent researchers. Researchers from Cambridge University (UK), MIT (USA), University of Columbia, University of Pittsburg, Lomonosov University of Moscow and PhD candidates work as consultant in our research.

Fieldwork team: There are 2 experience fieldwork managers in our company, with capacity of collecting 150 interviewers simultaneously. Our advantage is our part-time fieldwork team has been working with us for 10 years. There are about 50 experienced interviewers who have experience in many methods of data collection in both UB and country side.

Data processing team: There are experienced 2 statisticians who are in charge of database creating and quality assuring, as well as over 30 operators that create database. Our media monitoring operators are skilled in these kinds of task. From this perspective, there isn’t any other company in Mongolia with this capacity.

About qualitative research, there are specialists in our company with many years of experience in transcription of audio documents. We’ve 4 years experience of working with Cambridge University on “Oral History of 20th century Mongolia” project.