Technical Capacity

  • Maxima Consulting LLC carries out its activities in a comfortable offices located in Ulaanbaatar
  • We use over 25 desktop computers, which are being constantly used for research and media monitoring
  • We use most up-to-date technologies in our TV monitoring which has full capacity to monitor 44 TV channels broadcasting via air and cable in Mongolia
  • SPSS, Vortex™ software programs are used for research data processing and cleaning
  • We use MAXIMA MEDIA software package developed by our  software engineers in our TV monitoring and this enables us to become the most important service provider in this field
  • Specially equipped focus group studio and viewing facility with one way mirror
  • CATI studio for public opinion express survey

Currently Maxima Consulting is building a new technical center for our People meter™ project which is to measure TV viewers rating with People Meter within Mongolia.

Information resources

  • Data bank of daily TV (program) content and TV advertisement since 2007
  • Up-to-date professional library
  • Shared information and data with similar TV monitoring agencies
  • Collaboration with TNS Gallup Media which takes activities in 120 countries
  • Experience and expertise sharing with TNS Gallup Media
  • Cooperation with international and national advertisers.
  • We constantly work with our first client P&G for last 3 years.
  • Product exchange with Star com Media Vest, Optimum media OMD group, Big Idea Group