Maxima | Political Consulting
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Political Consulting

Maxima Consulting conducts consulting services on political campaign planning, implementation activities in Mongolian elections. Our consulting services mainly focus on pre-election campaign planning, organizing and implementing process.

Maxima has been consulting to wide range of clients. The clients include social and political activists such as presidential and parliament candidates, premiers and prime ministers in Mongolia. We also work with internationally and nationally known companies, which are diversified in its business nature. Maxima Consulting has helped its clients to win elections, launch new products, reposition brands, beat back competitive challenges and overcome public-affairs crises. We have worked in all provinces and soums in Mongolia and our activity is actively expanding into other countries in the world such as Russia, US and UK.

Our team has worked on all the elections held in Mongolia since 2004 and gained extensive experience in political situation analysis and political consulting.

Maxima consulting services include:

Political technology consulting
Image making consulting
Human resources consulting
Marketing and media promotion consulting
Public Relations