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Sociological research

Our primary field of sociological study is social and political research. We’ve been constantly doing nationwide “Complete survey” and “express polling” every year for the last 10 years. Following kinds of research are constantly conducted in suburban, urban areas and nationwide.


  • Social and economical base research
  • Political status and rating survey
  • Complete survey
  • Express polling
  • Request based social opinion survey


Social and economical base research: Before implementation of any project or program it’s necessary to research social and economic status of the population in the area. This research is aimed to extract the fundamental data.

Political status and rating survey: Effect of social and political event on social opinion is measured by this kind of monitoring and evaluation survey. Predictions of social and political progress as well as challenges are clarified by this research. Politicians’ and political party’s rating is defined by this survey.

Complete survey: Public socio-political, economical opinion, values and perception changes and trends are clarified by this survey, which is done constantly with certain time intervals. Complete information as well as trends and dynamics are made clear by relatively low cost.

Express polling: This is nationwide express survey aimed to define public reaction about certain event or decision, extracting necessary information to adjust the decision more positively. This kind of survey is conducted when timing factor is greatly connected with the goals and content of the survey.

Request based social opinion survey: Research aimed to define social opinion about certain subject, which is by customers’ request.